vino veritas

So lately went thru my last remaining bottles of red wine and came across an interesting wine.

A very tasty Rioja, Prado Enea Gran Rererva 2011. A special thanks to a friend who gave this to me as a gift.

I have always loved Spanish wines, though somehow a Rioja, never had actually hit me or made a mark on me like this before. I take it all back and apologies in advance to the Spanish and the Rioja Region.

This wine is dry and full bodied, earthy with hits of plums. Decanted it and it went down so lovely and has made it to my list of wines that I love. A definite enjoyable wine not to be missed.

Since then I have had another Rioja, which is equally amazing. Orben. A dry and full bodied Tempranillo. another one for the list.

I was first introduced to Spanish wines whilst in Gibraltar where I was served a wine from the region in Catalonia, north-eastern Spain, Priorat. A beautiful aromatic and dry wine, which when left to decant for around thirty minutes just becomes mind blowing.

Add to that the tavernas which take pride in their local wines accompanied with their local tapas, and this is heaven in the making.

Spain – you never seize to amaze me.

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