Composer, musician, artist

As a solo musician, Bobby has a penchant for instrumental and emotive compositions; lived or imagined experiences as well as borrowed stories from dreams which he interprets into songs.

To hear is to feel, and his ambition is to take listeners on a personal and unique journey aided by his music.

Bobby started his musical journey at the age of 14, playing guitar in rock bands. Due to the ever-growing populace of guitarists, switching his attention to the bass opened more doors for him to play in bands.

That became his instrument of choice and there was no looking back.

Being active with several groups that span myriad styles – from metal to classic and everything in between – allowed him to develop a range as well as a style of playing which lent itself well to his interest for various genres.

Rock, classical, fusion, and blues guitar inspired a refined sense of melody, harmony, and phrasing. Finger playing and two-handed tapping technique also gave a new dimension in tone and quality of sound to the overall feel of his playing.

Both a songwriter as well as performer, he is a multi-instrumentalist who has written music in several genres. He has an incessant fascination for developing additional creative skills, which also extends to learning how to play new instruments.

“I have an immense passion to turn my feelings, dreams and experiences into a musical experience.”

Bobby also loves photography, books, poetry, cooking and wine.

Get in touch

Bobby is always available for side collaborations with other composers and musicians. If you want to chat about ideas, books, poetry, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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