featured composition “8”

With “8” I wanted to create my own journey of sorts.Movements within movements across different moods.My own journey here was one of discovery, sometimes anger, elation in places.And the more I discovered the more this composition came into itself, into myself.I wish that this takes you on your own wonderful…

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The Photographic Journal

When I first created this site, the main aim was to promote my music. Though the music is the priority, this site also turned out to be more of an insight into what I truly like to do. Yes…..there will be recipes at some point am sure. Within the site,…

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It all began in January of 2020, just after spending New Year in Rome with my sister Lisa and a friend. Music has always been a huge part of my life from a young age. People relate to music differently and we all experience different journeys, feelings and emotions when…

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if not now when?

The name for the project seemed appropriate, kind of named itself.  Covid hit, stuck indoors on most occasions. So why not do what I love most? Compose, create, let my hair down and see where it goes. I was always interested in emotive and classical music, so I decided to…

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Author : Peter PortelliNarrator : Stuart BrentMusic : Bobby Baldacchino Chiaroscuro : is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition A short story written by Peter Portelli and transformed into an aural storytelling experience. This is my second collaboration with a…

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A special thanks to Peter Portelli for helping me out with the final mix and a few ideas. “17” depicts a dream I once had. In my dreams, water always seems to feature, a constant visual one way or another. This dream gave off images of seas, turbulent and flowing…

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“7” was inspired by true events in WWII. A story about two Finnish sisters Anneli and Oili Hänninen, fleeing from Lappeenranta, in Finland, to Sweden with other refugee children. It relates their story and strife thru the harrowing journey across lands. Leaving family behind. Around 72,000 children were evacuated from…

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a well deserved mention

Savio Verra, luthier artist sculptor musician. A chance encounter when we were 16 has led to a long lasting friendship. Originally from Lienz, in the Tirol where I have fond memories, Savio now lives in Gars am Kamp, where he has his studio and workshop and lives with his family.…

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bass solo

When I bought my first six string bass, I immediately started experimenting with this beautiful instrument, the wider fundamental range of extended notes lent itself perfectly towards interesting and somewhat classical compositions. Though these instrumentals are not produced, they have a raw feel to them which in my opinion, gives…

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vino veritas

So lately went thru my last remaining bottles of red wine and came across an interesting wine. A very tasty Rioja, Prado Enea Gran Rererva 2011. A special thanks to a friend who gave this to me as a gift. I have always loved Spanish wines, though somehow a Rioja,…

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Both a songwriter as well as performer, I am a multi-instrumentalist who has written music in several genres. I have an incessant fascination for developing additional creative skills, which also extends to learning how to play new instruments. This is coupled with an immense passion to transform dreams, experiences and emotions, into music.

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