Sitting on a lonely bench
Watching as time silently walks by
Better times have come and passed
Laughter and joy
On the unsinful child
Moments of folly…..Madness too

A chill in the air makes me shiver
The sun is out waiting to warm the day
Movements slow that start the day
Fleeting moments come to mind
that drew sketches of lavish lines
Colours that sparkle and shine
Thru a rainbow of light

A choir of sounds reach my senses
Rustling trees that speak to me
Gentle patter of high heeled steps
The chimes of glasses as coffees are made
A hawkers cry as he sells his wares

Along a rivers edge I stroll
Silent whispers
As the turbulent currents flow by
Mimicking life in its beauty
And all that is Past Present and Future
Its churning surface seen
What is beneath a hidden secret
To be discovered and explored.
Still moving along
Present forever with us
Flotsam moves along its winding path
Memories of past
Possibly long forgotten
Brought to the surface once again
Until they find a resting place
to call their own.
Alongside it’s path
A children’s fairground
Reminding of what once was
Little, unafraid and free
Yes she flows thru us
With us
The beauty within
I see all of us within her grazes and folds
I see myself in her
A turbulent yet tranquil gift.

I walk empty lonely roads
An open wound
Taking everything in

I listen to senseless conversation
When all they should do
each other to hold in that moment
Endless embrace

I watch as pawns move
Across the playing board of life
Yet there are no rules
No good or bad
No plan….just endless wandering

I sit content with myself
An endless smile
a shallow breathing

Two empty chairs sit across me
Who could they be
The good…….the bad?
The angel …….the devil?

However I know them well.
They are my brothers… sisters …my twins
My other self ……others parts of me

An extension of self?
Could be

Someday they might be known…
Do I keep them caged?
Under lock and key?

Or should I let them out
Havoc in the making
Possibly happiness in the making

Who knows……..

Stolen glances as I watched you speak
Wishing the words were directed towards me.

The movement of you lips
as unheard words were uttered.
The look in your eyes
intense in conversation

A blur all around as I steal a glance.
Dying to speak ….to have your attention.

I try and grab your gaze….. for a second…..for more
Fleeting moments too fast to register.

Your voice I long to hear.
Eyes longing to look into.

I woke up breathless
My very own sustenance​
plucked out of me
Heavy boulder set on my chest
Could not breath
Could not cry out

Droplets oozing from ever pore
A desert lay exploring within me

Then a sweet and tender voice
Filtered into my ears
Singing on languid notes
”I will guide you
Thru these troubles”

”Take my hand” is what she said.

As i did i emerged from a dream
And into another

I could breathe
And everything took on a different meaning
Life restored
Music came back to my ears
Laughter i could hear again

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