where to begin?

I wanted to start a blog of sorts to communicate my thoughts and express my musical feelings and other interests.

It was a mystery where to start. Clueless and confused about how to start, where to start from and what was my aim.

So the beginning is always the best place to start, so I heard.

This musical project if not now, when? was intended to be a side project to explore different avenues of my musical journey and little did I know where this would be going. Experimenting with different genres I was always interested in melodies and their dancing moves against other instruments. Creating a space where I could imagine scenes and delve into a bit of the unknown.

One aspect that always intrigued me was the orchestral instruments and their counter acting melodies , the crescendo and rallentando. Making it possible to reach peaks whilst also being still.

Within the pages of this site you will find the music that I have composed over a period of time.

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