A special thanks to Peter Portelli for helping me out with the final mix and a few ideas.

“17” depicts a dream I once had. In my dreams, water always seems to feature, a constant visual one way or another.

This dream gave off images of seas, turbulent and flowing thru onto land, a sort of mini tsunami. However this was a cleansing dream, as the water resided from on land.

I was in a house looking onto the seas and the cliffs in the surroundings as the waters rose. There was a sense of panic in the dream, a frantic need to run away and get to higher ground. Running thru rooms in the house as the waters rose. I was constantly looking outside through the windows at the cliffs as the waters trashed against them, trying to find its way onto land.

Until, I reached the end of the house and overlooked a valley from the terrace. The waters reached further up the valley, stopped and then started retreating back. Flowing slowly back in to the sea, calm and tranquil.

There are many interpretations for dreams with water, good and bad, emotional and disturbing.
If you would like to know more about the meaning of water in dreams have a look here

Listen to “17” and see where this composition takes you.

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