if not now when?

The name for the project seemed appropriate, kind of named itself. 

Covid hit, stuck indoors on most occasions. So why not do what I love most? Compose, create, let my hair down and see where it goes.

I was always interested in emotive and classical music, so I decided to delve a little and see where it would lead…..and what a journey.

30 compositions later and still have not gotten my fill. However, we had to draw the line somewhere. So, December 2021, to be more precise, 30th December, I closed off number 30.  Mixed ideas, influences, experiences all made part of this wonderful journey “if not now, when?“, which made me realize how we all interpret music differently. Cultural backgrounds, situations we are in, moods, I could go on going…..you get the gist.

For this reason, the compositions have no name, rather they are numbered, one through to thirty, for just this specific reason. We will usually relate differently to what we listen to. And sometimes, having given a name to something, imposes, influences and directs.

In this way, you, the listener, can make your own journey and connect with some of the compositions.

The intention is to create, for each composition, a tapestry created from your comments, experiences, thoughts, feelings and transform these into short stories which will then be shared. In essence, they will be your stories.

For this reason, we would like to hear back from you about your experiences with the compositions.

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