5 responses to “twenty-two”

  1. It made me feel like I was listening to a soundtrack of a really good movie, dramatic, thrilling, exciting, scary, twists, dramatic,


  2. Uplifting and compelling, like a call to arms…if not now, when?


  3. Analogy of a rebirth. From the ashes, the phoenix emerged, stronger, magnificent, luminescent and more powerful than ever. That is happening in front of each and everyone, no way to hide anymore. All elements came into place in the end.


  4. This made me feel like an undiscovered mystery taking up all the energy in the world abruptly once exposed. Like something hidden for ages and when suddenly discovered, it changed the whole concept of everything known. In the end, it feels like all the myths, mysteries and philosophies become one element that changes all concepts as we know them.


  5. Twenty-Two is very energetic, a dramatic story unfolding before your eyes. Passionate and compelling, reaching a height that surpasses everything else. Godlike and powerful.


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