7 responses to “twenty-eight”

  1. A peaceful journey evoking a meeting of minds, an unfolding friendship or even an encounter with nature.


  2. Being freeed, finding the way out, light, liberated, then the heaviness is behind, but not part of me. Then the freedom, lightness again.


  3. Taste of sweet memories, dear to 2 hearts who would have missed each other’s for so long, like all odds were against them, conventions or timing. There is a strong print of the past remaining to get to a place where they are now reunited somehow.


  4. A sense of looking back and asking oneself, what if? Like the mind is wandering from one memory to another and asking, why? A sense of unremained answers to a heart full of love and passion for a special someone.


  5. A sense of some sort of plight ahead. A constant battle the mind is subconsciously fighting the demons within and the thoughts of a threatening future.


  6. Twenty-Eight is quite relaxing – yet feels like thoughts fleeting from one distant memory to the next. A journey to the past that comes to a peaceful realisation towards the end.


  7. This piece made me think of the start of an epic journey, a voyage of discovery or setting off in to the unknown.


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