4 responses to “five”

  1. For me, number 5 evokes a feeling of a heightened flight response to a threat. I perceive the continuous bass rhythm as an ominous presence, while the shrill motifs imbue me with a sense of urgency. One could imagine the arch threat, climate change, as the background, while completion of life’s purpose in the time given to us is the poignant musical response.

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  2. Tribal and wild, spooky, rising, rays of light out of heavyness, free, freeer, then caution, alert, winding way, turmoil, effort… Stuck,


  3. Battle with all your heart, enter the ring, make it happen, taking the heat, left, right, still standing, fighting for something that matters.


  4. Five is a continuous battle, heightened senses that reach the apex towards the middle of the song. Towards the second half it feels like you can see the aftermath of the battle, with the end coming to a standstill.


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