5 responses to “seventeen”

  1. Number seventeen feels like an emotional journey from one state of mind to another, a dénouement or an episode stimulating personal growth. One imagines a transition from not understanding something to finally accepting it despite having reservations. Perhaps a painful life episode, such as a break-up. We keep going but are forever changed by it.


  2. Felt like a swell inside me, like the waves were part of me and me them… Really nice feeling, excited, touching, I felt like I was floating and it made me smile, then felt energy, something getting better, rising, reaching a peak, each bang to bring me down, was mild… The uplifting beats were stronger


  3. Pure introspection where thoughts are heard, emotions are flooding, looked at and felt. It was needed to take a decision, for a mind to let go in a space full special place. A place carefully chosen for the exercise.


  4. I felt like I was setting sail, peacefully and alone. Throughout the journey, I felt like I was looking into the horizon and remembering all the deep experiences of loneliness I have been through. At one point, the music gives this energy of hope and courage that one needs instilled to continue with this journey called life.


  5. Seventeen starts off upbeat and positive, towards the middle of the song it gives off energy and stimulation similar to that while training – which comes to a serene halt at the end, perhaps signifying achievement or success.


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