5 responses to “six”

  1. In number 6, what starts off as a comforting sense of shelter from the storm rapidly changes to elicit shock, perhaps as a result of an unwelcome discovery or an awful realization. This is ultimately internalized, as the protagonist is able to walk away calmly, but maybe with malicious intent. One imagines a betrayal, calling for a moment of reckoning.


  2. my experience: felt like moving forward at the beginning, then it felt like something’s were coming towards me, then noise, then hope and opening up, then suppressing feelings, then tranquility. It seemed like the squeaking sound in the beginning and at the end symbolised some kind of journey


  3. 6 makes me jump in another reality. In an hostile world, a majority had won over humanity. I hear machines and mechanics against one stand alone type of anti hero’s. No fear is felt despite the danger outside. One stands against the well-thinking multiple.


  4. This gave me the sense of what happens in life. Routinely we are on our way and suddenly an unexpected virus emerges that brought the world to its knees. The turmoil it brought made the world come together stronger until it went back to its routine.


  5. Six reminds me of a post apocalyptic world, where technological advancements are a part of everyday life. Feels fast paced, with a sense of purpose and urgency, yet has a sense of a dream that ends with the protagonist waking up and walking out of a room.


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